WUI 2016's hottest technology!

The recent past has seen a burgeoning importance placed on UI (User Interface) in the digital world, but within the last year or so there has been an explosion which seems to suggest no limit as to how far UI can go. 


It is no longer limited to a computer screen or even a smartphone, as the new trend of WUI (Wearable User Interface) has come on very strong.


Projections for 2018 suggest a growth in WUI of around 500% compared to this year, as prices for wearable tech falls and new applications and uses come online. Social media giant Facebook announced that the Oculus Rift (the VR headset manufacturer they acquired a few years ago) would hit the market in the first quarter of 2016, and it is in no small part due to Facebook's muscle in the marketplace that interest in WUI has skyrocketed.


Currently, the most active market for WUI is still a niche, for health and fitness enthusiasts, who use WUI devices on their wrists or worn over the ears or embedded in their shoes, to see how far they run and walk in a day and how many calories they are burning. These devices can even monitor one's quality of sleep. There are WUI devices that can measure heart rate, blood pressure and BMI, as well as blood sugar levels for diabetics. Eventually, such devices may alert users of danger signs, such as imminent cardiac arrest, and may automatically send an alert to caregivers.


WUI technology is coming on fast, and the only question is how readily the mass market will be adopting them, and the question we need to be asking as marketers is how are brands going to be able to incorporate themselves in this revolution? Also, how are they going to be able to utilize the data collected to provide better goods and services to their customers?